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Responsive Communities for Educators.

Who we are.

Vital Education collaborates with education leaders to create and realize their vision.

Change is inevitable... Build a Responsive Culture

School leaders are facing unprecedented challenges:

  • fiscal limitations
  • student performance results and consequences
  • meaningful staff development
  • community expectations

“…reacting to change is just not a viable option for any organization that wants to survive, let alone thrive in today’s world.”¹

The challenge for 21st Century leaders is to proactively manage and thrive in change, seeing the promise, potential and possibility that is there for their school community.

Vital Education is a coaching model for cultural transformation in the education community, working with leaders to develop and sustain a responsive culture in their schools to support empowered, creative and engaged educators and students.

Essential for authentic transformation is the understanding of the process of change:

  • knowledge of the change cycle
  • how to make change sustainable
  • the balance of possibility and success in the hard work of change
  • creating a cultural shift for expansion of the potential that is already there in your school community.

¹ from Resistance to Change: A Guide to Harnessing Its Positive Power, Harvey, T. and Broyles, E.